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Having become inevitable in our lives, new technologies seem to be making their way into our cities in recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cameras are being integrated into our major cities to improve the lives of citizens and simplify the work of public services. This is called Smart-City. Cities that integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as numerous connected intelligent systems (Internet of Things) for practical purposes.

These Smart-Cities have also become essential in the eyes of international organizations such as the European Union, which considers it necessary in its new development plan for 2020 (European Commission…

A quick essay on why and how money helps with the pursuit of happiness in life.

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“Money doesn’t bring happiness.” That’s a line you must have heard a lot for the last few years. Most of us from the previous two or three decades were educated with the mindset that only our personal dedication to life would bring us happiness. Money didn’t seem mandatory. For some, money would even be a complication. “Find a fulfilling job, find love, find a goal in life, that’s what will make you happy.” …

A quick dive into the world of nuclear fusion and our current advancements.

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If you love science — as I do — chances are one of the following articles — or equivalent ones — appeared in your social feeds over the last few weeks:

These articles promote new advancements in Nuclear Fusion reactors — China’s Artificial…

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In 16 days — on the 20th of January 2021 — Joe Biden will take office as the 46th president of the United States. As a result of November’s USA presidential election, he won with 51.4% of the general votes and 56.9% of the electoral votes. Such developments — winning by a hair — in presidential’s or Prime Minister’s elections are more and more often. Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, was elected with 57%; Luis Arce became Bolivia’s president with 55.1%.

We rarely observe clear results, and when we do — Russia, Vladimir Puttin or North-Korea, Kim Jong-un — fraud is…

To help you order in the best way possible.

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Something you realize as soon as you start working in service — bartender, waiter, cashier, etc. — is that ordering isn’t exactly as simple as saying “Margarita!”. Being robotic like this will only help you get on the wrong side of the barman. Trust me, even though this seems common sense, I have already encountered people like this by dozen.

I have been a bar addict for years and a bartender for a couple of months. And my personal way of getting a drink in bars changed a lot in the…

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Bartending was the first summer job I ever wanted to do. It seemed fun, and — being a bit shy — it appeared to me to be an excellent way to meet people.

But despite my enthusiasm for the job, finding a bar ready to hire me during the summer — the only part of the year where I was fully available — was quite the challenge. I had no experience, lived in a small town an hour by train from the city — which makes things complicated when you finish your job at 2 am — and soon realized…

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Science & tech enthusiasts. “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” A. Einstein

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