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  • Sidsidharthnair


  • Nicole Bryan

    Nicole Bryan

    CEO and Founder of Growth MindED Consulting, Executive Coach & Real Estate Investor. Personal Development & Mindset Writer. Email:

  • Gergingkoh


  • Blake Lazur

    Blake Lazur

    Deloitte Management Consulting | Inspiring the world through Entrepreneurship | Want to know the latest about startups?


    Jerry Grzegorzek, the Founder & Editor-in-chief at | Head of Business & Economics | IB Business Management Examiner

  • Thibaud Grégoire

    Thibaud Grégoire

    IT Student — Apprentice @Wavestone Consulting

  • Alicia Molina

    Alicia Molina

    Kindergarten teacher. Love reading. Love pets. Just a simple girl trying to speak her mind @AliciaMolina_Wr 🇪🇸

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