Is the Chinese Smart-City Model Viable And Exportable Internationally?

Photo by Hugh Han on Unsplash

A new technological cradle that has been taking shape for 20 years

The assimilation of western technologies

China takes a new place as an international leader

Use its latest technological advances to simplify the life of citizens

Traffic regulation thanks to A.I.: City Brain

Figure 1 — Operation of ET City Brain, (Alibaba, 2019)

More accessible parking spaces and public services thanks to NB-IoT

Figure 2 — Smart Parking Operation, (Huawei, 2019)

The disappearance of the currency for the 100% digital

A promising model that is struggling to be exported internationally but seems to find its place in Asia

City Brain in Kuala Lumpur and NB-IoT around the world

A policy that is difficult to implement despite efficient technologies


Science & tech enthusiasts. “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” A. Einstein

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